Request Something Special

Our personal shopping service is now available to all of our clients! For help finding the luxury item of your dreams, email us at or message us through our Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you're searching for. 

What is personal shopping?
Personal shopping is all about you and finding exactly what you are looking for! We will determine what style, color, condition, and price you have in mind and attempt to deliver your dream bag to your doorstep!
Is this for new items only or preowned & vintage pieces as well? 
We will source sold out and new releases, as well as pieces that haven't been in stores in 30+ years. We will try our hardest to find the rarest of rare unicorn items.  
Once my dream item is found, how will you know it is authentic? 
Your item will be shipped to us for an authenticity inspection and cleaning, prior to being sent to you. If any item raises any red flags, the item will be returned and you will be refunded immediately. 
Are these items final sale? 
Like all other items at OTNT, personal shopping pieces are final sale. Returns are NOT accepted so be certain to ask for as many photos and as much information necessary to determine the condition and style of the item.